A Broken Promise

The pain to see you go,

Should never happen,

even to a foe.

“We’ll meet again”, you said,

Agonized! Half dead!!


Then came the memories,

And the stories of the past,

Moving in front of me, Oh so fast!!


Meeting you was not in my hand,

the times we had,

Wish I had a magic wand,

to bring those back.

Irritate me, you did,

The laughs, i hid.


Yes, I met you again,

and watched with pain.

With a girl in your arm;

my heart suddenly warm!


Formal was our talk,

Greater was the shock.

Silence pertained,

my agony curtained.

I bid farewell,

never ever to meet again,


A teardrop surged,

A pain urged.

A smile on my face,

Sadness, without a trace!


I saw u leave,

With a heave.

My heavy heart,

which treasured,

A longlost goodbye kiss,

And A broken promise.


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