My First Day

From the heaven, I came,

To the mortal land,

When a fairy,

Waved her magic wand.


A myriad of visions,

A cacophony of sounds.

Happiness around me,

Knew no bounds.


A voice I heard,

“It is a girl”

Happiness around me,

Took a twirl.


My mother embraced me,

The pain in her eyes, I could see.

Good things don’t last long.

The warmth, dint prolong.


Seized, I was,

Like a carcass.

Where to, I knew not.

Closed, my eyes both.


Silence prevailed.

Darkness hailed.

I went back.

to where I belong.

Earth couldn’t sustain,

An angel for long.


The first day,

My last day.


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