The girl nexy door,Nimmi ;)

A small kid, or a pretty lil doll,is what any passer by would call her. She attracts the attraction of every passer by,calling them and smiling at the. A 2 year old kid, calling u ,with such cuteness, u cant say a no to her, Never.
During My monotonous summer vacations, (u know how they are right long for them to start and once started want end) the only ‘living’ entertaining thing was her :P, ! Be it the relentless, ‘Eta ki’ ‘Eta ki’ ,or ‘Aishudidi”(pronounced cutely as Oishudidi ), and her unending questions ,,about everthing and anything. Questions would have been alright,if I could answer them,Even though i understand Bengali,when it comes to speaking,i go mute. So,in my broken Bengali,i try explaining,what a remote is,what an inverter is,nd etc etc . One thing is sure, in some months,that kid ll learn Malayalam ;).
Living just a wall away,call it the boon or bane of Govt, Quarters,I have seen her grow,from an infant,to a toddler, and now. .Is it her sparkling eyes,or the always smiling face which keeps me glued to her,always,I dont know. Yes ,I like kids, but ,a little partial I am,towards the cheerful ones.The endless games we play,’ ghore ghore'(read,playing house house :P), she ll ask, ‘cha khabi’, and I have no choice,but to reply with an affirmative. After the invisible ‘cha’,served in a pink small cup,and an unmatching blue saucer,comes the food,served in a pink plate(wait,is that the matching pink saucer!! O.o) Then,I have to wash the dishes,and with a sound,’shush shush’,! And we sleep,imaginary again,but well,i ve dozed off many times in between those imaginary ‘sleeps’. Khel abhi baki h mere dost,the cycle continues all over again, starting from ‘cha’ :P.
This age u know,is the best, where you are blissfully happy. The only problem you have,is the occasional falling down,while trotting.Other than that, life appears colourful! šŸ™‚ No exams,no tensions,no peer pressure,and what not!
And her happiness, makes me happy. It is a bigggg relief,from the boring tv soaps, and the same old internet trolls memes.Inanimate little things,gnawing my time away.And,being a kid,is always a fun.
Now,here she comes,saying,”Didi,Nimmi laptop dekhbi..!!” And as usual,I cant say a No to her šŸ˜›


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