The Unquenched Quest.

At the break of dawn,

There she was a fragile fawn.

Occurred a vicious fight,

Between the sun and her smile,

In a quest to shine bright.


A face, I saw.

Which God took years to draw.

Surprised, she was.

Mesmerised, I was.

An utter chaos, my heart was.


She smiled again,

A glint of hidden pain.

Those enthralling eyes,

Who knew no vice.

Heart skipped a beat,

I felt a rush of heat.


I walked towards her,

Traversed deep girths.

Wouldn’t lose her

In any of my births.


Years, I spent.

Nearer, I went.

Yes, tired.

Her admired.

There she was, an epitome of beauty,

Loving her, my sole duty.


She was fair

I laid out my arms,

Vanished into thin air,

From my realms.


I woke up, from the dream.

So real, it did seem.

You were mine, neither in reality,

Nor in dreams.


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