My Angelic Demon.

I still remember the day, she was born. I was playing, yes, in the hospital. With a fellow lil girl, who had my name, that’s all I remember about her. All the way through the ramp, we ran, then up the elevator, down, up, down. Crazy. All this was amidst the tension of my dad, grandparents and others present. That was my hour of freedom, with no mom eyeing on me, no grandparents giving those glares, asking me to shut up, or quieten down. That day, they had different things to deal with. After I was tired, with the elevator business, I sit and rest, outside the O.T. Trust me, a hospital is the last place a kid would like to be in. I could see tension in everyone’s face. But had no clue why. Silly adults. I thought.

The door pushed open. The nurse came out with a baby. Asked me, aniyan veno aniyathi veno?

(Do you want a brother or sister?). I had already prayed to all the Gods before, please want a sis. I thought, brothers kicked, and fought, and what not.P.S.I do realise how wrong I was: P :P.

Without  a moment’s hesitation, I blurted, aniyathi mathi  (I want a Sister ). She showed the baby to me, and said, here is your angel.A newborn baby girl.

 And yes, how right she was.Image


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