My dream Bwoy :P

A smart,handsome guy in Kerala,
is a mirage;
like finding a ferrari,
in your garage.

I dream of sandy hair,
fair face,blue eyes.
All I see, parachute care,
curd rice.

Tight pants and goggles,
hungrily he ogles.
With his drool,
he makes a pool.

Belt bolow bosom,
they think it’s awesome;
Or jeans below ass;
There it falls, alas.

Dare you,dare to bare.
Showing off curly lush black chest hair.
Oh!what a scare.
Mother of God! Please spare.

There, stands a dude.
Defying all the prelude;
Then,a display of teeth,yellow.
What a pathetic fellow!
P.S.: No offense!! Just for fun! 😀


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