It was just another monotonous day in the office. The hissing and whizzing of office paraphernalia can bring any sane man to delirium tremens. An opening in the posterior boss; mindless, ignorant, apathetic co-workers and my sad little gloomy cubicle. Life, thou art a bitch.

The phone rings, ‘Wife calling’. From Jaan, to Darling, to Neha. Now simply, wife. Life is not very colourful on that front either. When I work, she sleeps. When I sleep, she works. Family life, it seems. It has been ages, since we even had a conversation.  We never really had one. The banes of an arranged marriage. I had so many dreams. Fall in love. Marry her. But bam!

Neha was a nice girl,I guess. Honestly, I don’t even know.

Hefty pay checks at the end of the month were the only thing which I had to look forward to. It was a welcome change from the ‘broke’ phase.

Internet in the office seemed like a boon in the beginning. Many of my friends couldn’t access it. Even that became boring, by mindless facebook updates by friends, juniors, still enjoying their college lives, and complaining about it, morons. How I wish I could ever go back to those days.

It was all the same, until.

Everyone was talking about a new chatting website. The word of the wind was that, you could chat anonymously, to anyone, anywhere. Nothing new, I smirked.

Still, to kill time, I thought, why not! Anyway I am jobless; why not chat up with someone.

I logged in. Boring. Minimise.

While I was just drowning back to my boring humdrum, *ping*.

Angel27: Hey 🙂

Me: Hi 🙂

Angel27: What’s up? 🙂

Me: Nothing much, bored. 🙂

And so started the conversation. We chatted the whole day, till I left the office. And the next, and the next.  We had lots to talk, so many likes in common. So many dislikes in common.  Both fun loving. I waited for her to come online. Office didn’t seem to be boring anymore. She was a welcome change from boring office files, and fugly facebook faces and updates. She had that eerie familiarity, like I have known her since ages. She was a breath of fresh air.

Then the realisation dawned. What was I doing? How can I get attracted to her? Heck, I don’t even know if Angel27 is a girl, for sure! But then I thought, to hell with it. I deserved this happiness, a ray of sunshine.

The world was a better place again. It was smiles everywhere. Happy faces, giggles, laughter. I was in the 7th heaven. Like a teenager, with a crush. Curiosity got the better of me, and I asked her out. After many pleadings, she obliged. I asked her for her number, but she refused. For recognition, she said she‘d be wearing a red scarf. Cool, I thought.

On the D Day, I made some excuse with Neha. She didn’t have a problem, since she had some plans too. I got ready, wore something nice. Dabbed some cologne over. Set my hair. Reset my hair. Styled. And restyled. Somewhat satisfied, I left home.  Butterflies were dancing in my stomach.  I checked my breath, just in case, you know. I entered the cafe. No angel in red scarf. Good.

I grabbed the seat, facing the door, so that I could see her entering. Seconds ticked by. Time moves at the pace of a snail, when you are expecting someone.

At the door, I saw her come. A red scarf. Face became clearer and clearer. The clearer it became, my vision started blurring. All I could see, was a beautiful face gone pale, and


The end.


4 thoughts on “PING!

  1. the story was good…but an element of suspense was missing….it was predictable right from the start….otherwise…its a good piece (y)

  2. it is really very nicely written with a brisk pace too…….but it was sad to see rather flat track it followed. But overall, it was a good read…keep it up

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