Ch(hhh)ennai Express.

I went through an emotional trauma some days back. Maybe you all might have gone through it . Or maybe, it is just me.

I have seen many trailers. I have seen many stereotypes. But such a disgusting and factually incorrect portrayal. Blasphemous.

Yes, Chennai Express is the epicenter of this upsurge.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, (thankfully), and I know I am not to judge. Am not, I am really not judging the movie (as of now). But the trailer? If this is the trailer, I don’t think watching the movie would be any different.

  • Deepika. _/\_

What has any Tamilian done to you? Or which Tamizh lady uses that kind of accent?

“Illai, Don (u) [of course, how could you miss that u at the end], in that deep baritone of yours. Yes, she is pretty. She acts well too, e.g., as a spoilt, party girl in Cocktail, as a spoilt, party girl in Karthik Calling Karthik and a spoilt, party girl in Race2, to just name a few of her acting feats.

  • Casting

I am not going to ramble on about her accent,I want to,trust me,but It would be difficult for me to stop. Any other actress, who knew Tamil, could have been casted. E.g. Asin.

The girl in the item number, 1 2 3 4 get on the Dance floor, Priyamani, is a leading actress in the south, who has bagged several awards, including a national award. And what Shetty Ji gives her, an item number, which any other model would have done. [Yea right, she was the best choice for the(item) dance. Pah!]

  • Factual Incorrectness.

I assume the movie’s name is Chennai Express. Hence I also assume that the story should be, somewhere revolving around Chennai. Or increasing the radius, Tamil Nadu.

Kathakali, Kalaripayattu, Traditional Kerala Saree (which she is seen wearing in ‘Titli’ song), Theyyam, Koodiyattam costumes (shown in the Titli song and also here and there in the trailer), are beyond the Tamil Nadu Border. So, Great portrayal of Tamil Nadu, Hats off. Such a culturally rich state, they have such a vast cultural heritage. Karakattam, Mayilattam, oyilattam, Terukkoottu,kattaikuttu, anything, at all , would have been equally beautiful.

  • Stereotyping

I have been living amidst being stereotyped. And I never minded that, In fact healthy humour, I ve always encouraged. But this trailer bit of 3 minutes appalled me. Just another bollywood formula, with a little ‘Madrasi‘ Dressing.

P.S. I am happy that they didn’t say “AIyyo Rama” till now, or portray Deepika with oiled curly hair, with ornate floral hair dressing.

P.P.S : I love SRK. It is just that, I love him so much , that I am aghast that he din’t think wisely before falling in love with the daughter of a Periyathalai 😛

P.P.P.S: I do not intend to hurt the feelings of any. If I have offended, then, I don’t think am very sorry. Am offended too.! 😛 Just kidding. 😛 😛


9 thoughts on “Ch(hhh)ennai Express.

  1. Darn atleast i found sm1.

    Why are mallus from kerala so retarded and without any self respect ?
    If such a thing would’ve happened in maharashtra they’d have torn and bought them down.

    But kerala has been asbused since decades. With kalaripayattu used for dance, scenenic beauties used without giving any credit to kerala.

    A lot of good movies with exceptional cinematography have been shot in kerala but shown as sm other place.

    ITs high time kerala fights for its name. Even the actors and acrtresses who are from kerala are referred to only as a south indian actor.
    In case of chu nai express, rohit shitty and ruk ruk khan have abused everything.

    Be it the beautifully architectured kerala houses shown in songs, kalaripayattu, kathakali, mohina attam or the kerala sari.
    I just wish sm1 wouldve pointed out that kerala is not in chennai.

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