P.S.I am not a feminist.

Rape here. Murder there. Chaos everywhere.

A 14 year old raped by her father. Sold to neighbours, and other distant relatives, with the consent of her mother.

A 5 year old child, brutally abused by his father, and step mother. He is battling for his life now, in ventilation.

These are the headlines of one day, in one state. And the saga continues. Every day, hundreds and thousands of kids face abuse, in addition to hunger, poverty and the chill at night, due to the absence of a roof above their heads.

Cynics are everywhere. And those men, who say, women are raped because they wore a knee length dress, or roamed at night at 10, should answer this question. What did that 14 year old do? Did she wear revealing clothes? Go drinking at 10 pm?  Or was she a promiscuous child, who stayed at home (just look at the absurdity), with her parents, who were supposed to protect, nourish, nurture her.

No, it was not her fault. Neither is it the fault of the Delhi Rape Victim. No woman wants to be touched by a man, who she doesn’t like. Then whose fault is it?

Mine and yours.

You must be wondering what you have to do, with women being raped. Yes, you. In your cubicle, staring at the screen. You might not have raped. Or eve teased. But, did you stop a man, who was passing lewd comments at that sorry lady, who maybe, was catching the last train, to get back to the safety of her home? Or did you stop the office guy, from capturing that voluptuous chest and ample posterior of that beautiful office whore (read a pretty lady, who socialises). I wouldn’t ask that age old question, what if she was your sister. Because, on the verge of extinction of humanity, sister, father, all lose their meaning.

And my fault, though long back, that even I thought, that girls shouldn’t go out at night. I thought only slutty clothing attracted groping and raping. My fault, when my guy friends talked about a girl, and I did not stop them. My fault, that I thought I would be safe.

But then there are some of you, who help women. Who genuinely raise their voice against any atrocity women face. Looking at you, my friend, I feel a tiny glimmer of hope. Of faith. Don’t be disheartened if a woman doesn’t reciprocate your concern, she is scared, if you are rescuing her from one danger and leading her to the next. Might be a little hard to comprehend, but it is just because you don’t know how it is to feel unsafe, of being exploited.  But later on, she will thank you, with all her heart.

I don’t know what can be done about the past. I don’t know what I can do. But I can try. I can tell you. You can tell him, and so on. I can teach my son, how to behave, and to respect(not just because she is a woman, because she is a human).But, Maybe I should tell my daughter, to stay away from men completely. To stay at home. But isn’t that what the 14 year old did? So what do I tell her?

I ll tell her, to live her life, to the fullest. To breathe. To wear whatever pleases her sensibility. And that she is safe with me. With us. And, if God forbid, anything happens, we are there for her. And we ll fight till she gets justice, not unlike those parents, who hush their voices to maintain their status. And shut their daughters in, because they are impure now.  And we are there for that m%!#*$f@!#$ too, chanting,Valar Morghoulis.

P.S. I am not a feminist. I am just venting out the rattling in my head.



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