The Rush A Crush Gives ;)

I have had many crushes, some resulted in broken hearts, some, and well almost all did. It is just the time that mattered. Enough of the rant :P.

So, this crush, Mr X, has been in my crush list for like years (3, precisely). He is what you would describe as a beauty. Beautiful. Handsome. Dimpled. Tall. The Most eligible bachelor in town. And no, it is not just my crush-stricken eyes saying this, but the whole female population of the college, or at least, the ones with good taste, have at least once gaped in awe. Those exquisite jawlines [I have a thing for those] and dimples [pits of love, on those cheeks *drool*][I have a thing for those too], how could any sane girl ignore that. Whenever he passed by me, in his Superb bike, with a pillion of course, usually his girl friend [who was beautiful, too],and his smoldering look would saute the jealousy, in the bullion, deep down my stomach. But still, is it wrong to adore beauty, even if it is somebody else’s property? I never missed to go gaga, or jump exhilaratingly, as he passed by. Those were moments,only for me ;).

Why am I writing this today? With excruciating details of a man [read, exotic man]?

I have seen that green bulb near his name, which grins at me, menacing and challenging, for years. Never Have I had the courage to click on it. Today, I really don’t know why, and how, and now I gape at my new found bravado.

I considered the situations, pros cons, procons, conpros, everything. Hah, what do I have to lose. Said the logical and sane part of my mind. The other part, the erratic and insane part of me yelled, Nooo! You will completely fuck it up, he is Mr perfect, Goddammit, and you, just a clumsy little girl, who gets fidgety even near him,yes , even if he is thousands of miles away. Or wait, was it the other way round, sane part,insane part,Blah? I was so excited to even notice.

I gave in to the evil temptation. Phew! Butterflies, stop dancing . Stomach, stop churning. Fingers, stop shivering. And heart, do you even know how fast you are. Beating and pumping furiously. And ,he replies, without much ado, and voila, he is a human 😛 [Not Fair, to be such a beautiful one :P]. And I sit, staring on the low brightness-power saver- screen, grinning furiously, ear to ear,eyes gleaming with happiness. I just want to jump about.

The thrill, the smile that came upon my face, these things nothing else can provide[of course, excluding good food].I think it is the same with everyone, the thrill, the rush. But then they are literally C-Rush.[sad, I know, but am too happy today, forgive me :P]

But moving on to the serious stuff, I realized today that Crushes are better off as Crushes. Or let me put it this way, they better remain crushes. Once it changes, and God forbid if the person has a crush on you, it is finished, the magic.[exceptions exist, of course] And more often than not, they are not the person whom you expect or imagine then to be.

Ok,enough for now, I got to reread the conversations now.

Ooh Mr X 😀 ❤


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