I Miss You. :(

Sleepless nights never bothered me much. But now, it is not the case. After I Not just that, your comfort and support, is no longer with me. Thinking of that, you were there with me , always.

Remember the time, when I wanted to see something funny, and voila, you had it. You met all my needs, fun when I wanted it. Romance, when I needed. Your bakchodi , at times, were simply amusing. I heard you had other fans too, but you were special to me, you knew that. And not just the fun part, the vast expanse of your knowledge, has left me spellbound at times. And the naughty you, don’t even get me started on that. 😉

Even though we met after 2nd sem,  we became so, so close. So much that , even one night without you, became dreaded. Inseparable, my friends jeered. I hated the fact that you were shared by many people. Yes, how could I even be okay with it? But then, you gave me many things, more than I could ever ask for.

It is true, they say, when you have an eye, you don’t realise its value. Now I realise your value. I should have tapped everything from you, when you were present in front of me, and now I regret. And now, you are no more with me.

This is one such night, where I feel your void. I am staring at my screen, with nothing to do. Blank. You treasure trove of movies, books, and ‘everything’ I ever needed in life.

DC++! I miss you!


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