10 Things To Do When You Feel Low.

Everyone goes through this phase.  Miss College-Bombshell, Mr Topper who-just-got-placed, MR and Miss Popular, everyone feels low.So what to do? These are some ways which I came up with.

1. Sleep.

Seriously. Take a nap. Or sleep through the day. Tuck inside your bed, get comfy, switch on that fan [or Ac, for Bade Log] snuggle up and sleep. And am sure enough, you will wake up feeling better.

Who looks that pretty while sleeping!! :O

2. Music

Now this is a myth. All say you should listen to music. But what sort? Some songs make you wanna kill yourself, especially the slow ones. Don’t; just don’t listen to them when you are sad. I hate heavy metal Blaring ones, but that is exactly what I listen, when I am upset. Shove those headphones, or turn the speakers on on on.

No,you won’t look this hot.

3. Eat.

I am a stress eater basically. But t hen, I think this works universally. Go and eat whatever you want. Or pester your mom, if you stay with her, or order something good. And u stingy beast, let me tell you, it would truly be “Money well spent”.

Slurp ❤

4. Ice creams and Chocolates:

I have heard that this helps. These sinful delights could never entangle me in its vicious web. Yea, I don’t really like them. You can try though, might work.

Wow, I think I can change my mind.

5. Movie/Sitcom.

Open that laptop, and watch your favourite movie. I know, easy to say. Toughest thing for me is to open this idiotic thing, which is taking hours these days to boot. L Any comedy movie will do.

Or if you are a Friends fan, that too. 😀 [Damn, why did I delete it.]

Could this BE any more funny?

6. Talk to someone

Talk to your best friend or your significant other [provided he/she is not the reason you are upset]. Just blabber, anything, anything at all.

If no one is free, just chat with random people, ask them about their life, tell them about your life, anything at all, just keep your mind diverted.

What? I don’t have a pic for everything!

7. Read.

It is very difficult to do this, provided that your brain is preoccupied with sulking, but still, worth a shot.

8. Cook

If you are into cooking, take up a new recipe, cook. If you are not, then learn. It might turn out to be a disaster. Like my carambola jam venture, am sure that is how tar must have tasted like. K

Sad, na.

9. Go Crazy

Sing at the top of your voice[Don’t take my name if neighbours scream at you],Dance crazily [Even if you’re Miss crazy legs or Mr Floppety-FlopFlop].Shout at the top of your voice, scream at someone[preferably younger ones, U can always find excuses for that 😉 or call up your bestie, and strengthen your foulword vocabulary. Or punch up that pillow. Do anything. Anything at all.

This can be your whatsapp dp!

10. Write

Write. Seriously. This is the best time for that. Somehow, those ‘low ‘phases, you come out with your best literary works. Jot down anything, poems, lines anything.
P.S. Works best if you are heartbroken, love sick, or any such crap.

Tumse dur jaane ki koshish karte hain hum  is tarah,

shama parvane se dur jaati hai jis tarah ;)”

This is not an exhaustive list,that is all I can think of now.

And I have to go, my ice cream tub is melting. 😦


4 thoughts on “10 Things To Do When You Feel Low.

  1. Wow… almost precisely enlists my post breakup or sad mood activities.. Big NO to chocolates n sad music, and yes… sleep works but after u wake up from a long sleep you feel more agony. Read, write, Go crazy, cook & talk to someone… 10 on 10.. and FRIENDS… “Always”.

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