Tryst With Evil


Dark Dreary Damp alleyways


I treaded.


Bloody Gory Musty Nights,


I wistfully searched.


Insanely, Immaculately, Intricately.


For Evil.


At last I found it,


A myriad of grinning faces, evil,


As I stood all alone,


At a mirror shop,

The Evil in me


6 thoughts on “Tryst With Evil

  1. “Dark Dreary Damp” , “Insanely, Immaculately, Intricately ” use of alliterations there, exceptionally awesome.
    The count(bahar) of the words in a poem is also perfect. This is technical stuffs.

    Coming to the imagination and use of words – Beautiful.
    Poet has convinced me that in away every devil resides within himself/herself.

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