Apocalyptic Musings

Imagine the world were to end,

Imagine there be no sunrise again,

Imagine your loved ones die,

Imagine you cry.

Imagine your last moments,

Before death surges,

Engulfs you, into the deep vortex.

Would you still hold your ego on a pedestal,

Higher than your loved ones’  agony?

Would your pride be more valuable than her tears?

Would hatred still seethe your heart,

And fill it with venom?


Or would you hold on to memories,

Cherish them,

And hold on them, like slipping sand

Between your fingers;

Express your gratitude, and love,

To those near you,

Kith and kin.


Why sleep with regrets, when,

You might not wake up tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Apocalyptic Musings

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