The Last Breath

Her father lay there,

White and cold,

Covered in satin,

The same shade, his skin.


Earlier that day,

Her father brought her balloons.

She looked eagerly,

As he inflated all of ‘em.


Now he lay,

Lifeless and pale,

Like a dull mid-day.

She clutched on to the balloons.


She still had a piece of him,

She still had his last breath.


8 thoughts on “The Last Breath

  1. Very nicely penned Poem. I don’t know, if you know this, but you have also taken care of the technicalities a poem needs, with the blend of imagination requires.
    I want to see you publish your poems some day.

      • Haha, not a big fan of ASOIF. But, a fan of yours. I am a constant follower and reader of your poetry. I just wanted to inform that, there are certain nitwits which should be taken care of. 🙂

      • Thought you should know, I have build a new website for all writing enthusiasts, wherein writers from all walks of life can publish and share their content. Once, they do have some considerable amount of posts, they can go on to publish their own books and sell them online.
        I would love to get your response for the same

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