The Ironic Independent India

\Wrote a post for an Office Program , thought I’d share it with you guys.

A land of ironies and differences,
With gigantic Himalayas,
And beautiful backwaters.
With dusky deserts,
And iconic islands.
The country where Antilia and Dharavi coexist,
Where GDP is ever increasing,
But HDI is down the lane.
The land where they worship women,
But kill them in the wombs,
The land they are Leeched , Groped and Raped,
But also the land where thousands marched with a candle.
A land where Christians celebrate Diwali too,
And Hindus hug on Eid,
A land where Momos are relished,
But the North Easterners are type cast.
A land where rich and poor are nurtured alike,
And every one lives in harmony,
Irrespective of their faith,
Caste or Bank Balance.
Let us take an oath,
To be better citizens, nay, children
To our Motherland,
Wishing her a Happy Independence Day.


4 thoughts on “The Ironic Independent India

  1. Hi Aishwarya,
    Well narrated line,
    Yes, our land is indeed a land of diversity but live in unity!
    What a wonderful and lovely land is ours!
    We can’t find such a land anywhere on this universe!
    We are proud to be the sons and daughters of this land! 🙂
    We mingle with all in this land without seeing their color or creed!
    Well Said Aishwarya.
    Keep writing

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