A Sunny Story

The sun and I have a tale to tell,
He wakes me up with a kiss on the cheek,
Prying my eyes open with his glorious shine,
He twirls the blinds,
And the shadows trickle and tickle,
Blissful mornings,
A romantic honeymoon.

Day Progressed, Life did too.
Warmth turned into scorch;
Parched throats and grimy faces,
Burnt skin and spinning heads,
Helpless, I, Longed for a shade.

As dusk approached,
The heat subsided;
Not to be rekindled,
To the all consuming heat,
Of passionate nights;

But to be doused,
Like singed coal,
With the gut wrenching smell,
Of unquenched dreams.

The sky changed colours,
A mirror of my eyes,
Scarlet crimson vermilion black.

Long shadows,
a prelude to
the impending nights.
As the sun set in my life.

The sun and I,
Have a tale to tell.


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