A Bouquet Of Dreams

It is a beautiful dawn,

Kurinji  blooms bright blue,

Like it did,

That fateful day.

The view from window is hazy,,

But the memories vivid.


Of our house,

Atop a hill,

Amidst the cloudy dandelions,

And  the stooping laburnum,

Laden with golden blooms;

The cascading roses,

Shades of Red,

Ominous of  the sanguinary night,

Where she lay,

A withered flower,

My withered flower.



The Confluence

A mighty river,
a flowing handsome
And a coy rivulet, smitten by him,
Have a story to tell, so lo and behold.

She raced to touch him,
To slide over his highs and lows,
She danced on alluvial banks with joy,
As she neared him;
Foaming, rippling over the pebbles,

And the time came,
The river ever so stoic,
And she, her eccentric heart beats,
the waves touched the sky;
And the thoughts overflowed,
filled in the dark crevices on the land;

And in a confluence,
When the waters were one,
Her warmth simmered his cool waters,
And her gait, gave an impetus,
To his monotony.

But fate had something else in plan,
In a trifle, a tumult,
They diverged,
She tried hard to hold on,
Clasped his hands tight,
But suddenly felt something amiss,
His grip wasn’t firm,
And as the warmth rose in her,
She realised that it was always her who wanted this.

So she let go, slowly,
And the waters parted,
So did their ways;
She didn’t weep, she was strong,
And sometimes, letting go is strength.

Of Things Left Unsaid

As we sat on the rusty cold bench,

facing the magnificent sea,

I smiled, unable

to control my glee.

When you asked,

the question I dreaded,

What are you thinking, so dreamily?

Why are you smiling, so beautifully?

How do I tell you,

that the smile is a facade,

curtaining the things I wanna say,

the things I wanna do,

At the dark of night,

At the break of light,

to hold your hands,

deluged in the first rain,

submerging in the throes of passion,

collapsing into your arms.

How do I tell you,

that I want to surf the beaches,

gawk at the Louvre,

walk by the coral sea,

sipping some hot tea.

Instead, I say,

It’s nothing, just a beautiful dream.

The Dance Of The Waves

I lay on the sandy beach,
Toes gliding over the sun kissed sand,
Like a lover’s cafune,
The aftermath of a crimson sunset,
Exuding warmth and hue.

My fingers brushed my wavy hair,
As two waves rose in the oblivion,
Leapt up forward,
Like estranged lovers,
After a bout of separation,
Elated, they hugged, they danced,
They rolled about, rising into crests,
Hands entwined, swirling about,
Like the wands of a wizard;
Hands of a director.

Symphony died down,
A fleeting moment of silence,
As I closed my eyes,
Only to be engulfed,
Into the blue.


The Ironic Independent India

\Wrote a post for an Office Program , thought I’d share it with you guys.

A land of ironies and differences,
With gigantic Himalayas,
And beautiful backwaters.
With dusky deserts,
And iconic islands.
The country where Antilia and Dharavi coexist,
Where GDP is ever increasing,
But HDI is down the lane.
The land where they worship women,
But kill them in the wombs,
The land they are Leeched , Groped and Raped,
But also the land where thousands marched with a candle.
A land where Christians celebrate Diwali too,
And Hindus hug on Eid,
A land where Momos are relished,
But the North Easterners are type cast.
A land where rich and poor are nurtured alike,
And every one lives in harmony,
Irrespective of their faith,
Caste or Bank Balance.
Let us take an oath,
To be better citizens, nay, children
To our Motherland,
Wishing her a Happy Independence Day.

The Last Breath

Her father lay there,

White and cold,

Covered in satin,

The same shade, his skin.


Earlier that day,

Her father brought her balloons.

She looked eagerly,

As he inflated all of ‘em.


Now he lay,

Lifeless and pale,

Like a dull mid-day.

She clutched on to the balloons.


She still had a piece of him,

She still had his last breath.

Once Again..

Once again the stars are gleaming bright,

The flowers dance gracefully,

To the tunes,of the whistling wind.

Wafting fragrance, splashing colours,

Making life a vivid dream.

Once again I see happiness,

The silver line glows brighter

Days are pleasant, nights are dreamy,

Life, a beautiful symphony.

Once again , I let my guard down,

Once again, did I trust blind,

Once again, I am vulnerable,

Once again, I am in love.