A Bouquet Of Dreams

It is a beautiful dawn,

Kurinji  blooms bright blue,

Like it did,

That fateful day.

The view from window is hazy,,

But the memories vivid.


Of our house,

Atop a hill,

Amidst the cloudy dandelions,

And  the stooping laburnum,

Laden with golden blooms;

The cascading roses,

Shades of Red,

Ominous of  the sanguinary night,

Where she lay,

A withered flower,

My withered flower.



Once Again..

Once again the stars are gleaming bright,

The flowers dance gracefully,

To the tunes,of the whistling wind.

Wafting fragrance, splashing colours,

Making life a vivid dream.

Once again I see happiness,

The silver line glows brighter

Days are pleasant, nights are dreamy,

Life, a beautiful symphony.

Once again , I let my guard down,

Once again, did I trust blind,

Once again, I am vulnerable,

Once again, I am in love.