Of Things Left Unsaid

As we sat on the rusty cold bench,

facing the magnificent sea,

I smiled, unable

to control my glee.

When you asked,

the question I dreaded,

What are you thinking, so dreamily?

Why are you smiling, so beautifully?

How do I tell you,

that the smile is a facade,

curtaining the things I wanna say,

the things I wanna do,

At the dark of night,

At the break of light,

to hold your hands,

deluged in the first rain,

submerging in the throes of passion,

collapsing into your arms.

How do I tell you,

that I want to surf the beaches,

gawk at the Louvre,

walk by the coral sea,

sipping some hot tea.

Instead, I say,

It’s nothing, just a beautiful dream.


Summer Rain

The petrichor wafted,
emanating your cologne;
And the cool breeze tickled me,
like your breath on my neck

The first drop touched my face,
like your gentle touch.
As the first rains of summer fell,
I sat there, missing my summer rain.

Rain, A Nostalgic Manifestation.


The endless rains,

Mere showers of pain.

Brings back memories old.

In your heart, which you hold.


Sound of raindrops,

Like his musical whisper.

The wet wind, its whistle,

 The hazy view, not clear.


The fragrance of wet earth,

Like his old shirt.

Both, deeply captured,

In my heart’s girth.


A little drop, racing down the pane,

Like the teardrop, I shed in pain.

Both seeking escape,

Both seeking solace.



Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation.

Or just a Nostalgic Manifestation.

Wish you were here.

The sun not so warm today,

The wind not so cool.

I stand at a lonely bay,

Tears, making a pool.

Long days and lonely nights,

Miss our trivial fights,

Hugs, Kisses and Tears,

I wish you were here.

For all the silly things we did,

For all the love, my kid,

I miss you being here,

I wish you were here.


Kash tum aate. .

Sapne mere tode,

Naye rishte jo tumne jode;

Dil,toda to toda,

Par Mu kyun moda?


Andheri meri raat,

Tanhayee mere sath,

Chhudaya mera hath,

Bhulke har wo baat.


Bhatakne diya tanha,

Tanha har lamha;

Lamhe the lambe,

Lambi thi raatein,

Lambi thi raahein.


Kabhi sapnon m to aaya karo

Waha to baatein kiya karo

Chhodo ye sab khair,

Tum to apne the,rahoge.

Main hi shayad,

Ho gayi gair


Kash tum aate,

Gam ke pahaad,yun sulag jaate.

Zulfon ko sehlate,

Jhuthi baatein banate,

Phir se tanha na kar jate.


Jaan bhi le jaate,

Magar wapas to aate.