Of Things Left Unsaid

As we sat on the rusty cold bench,

facing the magnificent sea,

I smiled, unable

to control my glee.

When you asked,

the question I dreaded,

What are you thinking, so dreamily?

Why are you smiling, so beautifully?

How do I tell you,

that the smile is a facade,

curtaining the things I wanna say,

the things I wanna do,

At the dark of night,

At the break of light,

to hold your hands,

deluged in the first rain,

submerging in the throes of passion,

collapsing into your arms.

How do I tell you,

that I want to surf the beaches,

gawk at the Louvre,

walk by the coral sea,

sipping some hot tea.

Instead, I say,

It’s nothing, just a beautiful dream.


Summer Rain

The petrichor wafted,
emanating your cologne;
And the cool breeze tickled me,
like your breath on my neck

The first drop touched my face,
like your gentle touch.
As the first rains of summer fell,
I sat there, missing my summer rain.

The Last Breath

Her father lay there,

White and cold,

Covered in satin,

The same shade, his skin.


Earlier that day,

Her father brought her balloons.

She looked eagerly,

As he inflated all of ‘em.


Now he lay,

Lifeless and pale,

Like a dull mid-day.

She clutched on to the balloons.


She still had a piece of him,

She still had his last breath.

Your Eyes


Eyes were just,

A medium to see,

Until I saw you,

Looking at me.


I was sucked in,

Like into a black hole

Into a deep abyss,

I was consumed whole.


Every time our eyes met,

My heart skips a beat

Tugging at my heart,

Filling me with heat.


The more I try to explore the mesmerizing depths,

The deeper I fall,

And the more I search for answers,

The more I get lost,enthralled.


I can feel the longing,

Never do you cease to amaze,

Your magnetic gaze,

I stutter in its purple haze

The Coffin Maker

He lived with his son,
He was a businessman,
traded with death.
He was a coffin-maker.

He danced with joy,
With every death.
It brought him happiness,
And his daily bread.

He saved every penny ,
For his only son,
Innocent and bright,
Like the morning sun.

A fine morning,
the church bell rang thrice,
A death, he thought.
Smiled, happily.

He returned home,
Humming a tune.
Crowds were swarming,
In his courtyard.

He saw an innocent face
Clad in white ,
cold as ice
which knew no vice.

He made coffins to earn a living,
And the last one he made,
Was for his reason to live.
Who lay asleep, never to wake up.

Death Wish

Will you remember ,

The love we had;

When am gone,

After a fate ,turned bad.


Will you remember,

The times we laughed,

The moments we cried,

Laughing, teary eyed.


Will you miss me,

When there is a deafening silence,

After our ceased laughter?

Will you miss me, through thick and thin?

In silence and din,

Past life and death?

 Will I stay, in you,

Even after I go,

To a place unreachable,

Unseen, unknown?