Summer Rain

The petrichor wafted,
emanating your cologne;
And the cool breeze tickled me,
like your breath on my neck

The first drop touched my face,
like your gentle touch.
As the first rains of summer fell,
I sat there, missing my summer rain.


Rain, A Nostalgic Manifestation.


The endless rains,

Mere showers of pain.

Brings back memories old.

In your heart, which you hold.


Sound of raindrops,

Like his musical whisper.

The wet wind, its whistle,

 The hazy view, not clear.


The fragrance of wet earth,

Like his old shirt.

Both, deeply captured,

In my heart’s girth.


A little drop, racing down the pane,

Like the teardrop, I shed in pain.

Both seeking escape,

Both seeking solace.



Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation.

Or just a Nostalgic Manifestation.